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We work closely with our clients to create a high quality, engaging and attention capturing website design which we custom tailor for your business and target audience. Our goal is to condense the essence of what you’re looking for in your website, and create a design that you and your customers find intuitive and enjoyable. Communication is key. We stay in touch throughout the website building process to ensure that we achieve the design that you’re looking for.

WordPress is our Content Management System (CMS) of choice, as it gives us the freedom to update website content at any time in a fluid and highly intuitive fashion. WordPress is highly customizable and a user-friendly system, even if you’re not the tech-savvy type. This makes it easy and fast for our clients to do routine maintenance on their website if they so choose, while also keeping the robust development software of WordPress at our fingertips for upgrades down the road. 

We won’t leave you hanging

No matter which package you choose for your web design project, we’ll still schedule a 1 hour “How To” tutorial on WordPress to familiarize you with your new website’s functions, and also show you how to update your website content on your own. This way, you can also make an informed decision as to whether you would want to do maintenance and updates yourself, or if you would prefer to arrange for us to handle the back-of-house software aspects for you.


Google, Bing and Yahoo all need help finding your business. That’s where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes into play. SEO is about understanding what keywords people are using when searching for your service or business, kind of like a game of marco polo, but your webpage has to be “shouting out” the specific words that your target audience is looking for in the search engine. We’ll help you find those initial magic keywords to implement into your website to increase your website traffic through organic search functions. The more frequently you come up at the top of customer searches, the more frequently your services will reach your community, and the more customers you will generate.


Mobile web traffic accounts for 52.6% of global web traffic. Think about it – when a commercial comes on TV, most people open their phones. Some people don’t even go to the bathroom without their phones. We’re realists about this factor, thus a mobile responsive version of your website is something we include with every web design project. We design both our desktop and mobile versions of the website with functionality, aesthetics and user-friendliness in mind. 


FourColor offers a website Maintenance service for businesses and entrepreneurs who need to keep their focus on other issues and would prefer the convenience of contracting routine website maintenance. Many companies already opt to contract maintenance to outside agencies for the sake of convenience (janitorial, pest control, landscaping etc…) and maintaining your online storefront is another thing that you have that choice with. 

Website maintenance agreements can include website backups, website and plugin updates, content updates or additional 1 on 1 tutorials on navigating through your WordPress website. The price of the agreement will vary depending on which tasks you want us to perform, and the scope of the tasks being performed.  

Our web design approach


It’s important that we understand your vision and your business in order to build a website to fit your needs. In this phase of the process, we gather as much information as possible through a questionnaire as well as a scheduled call or interview where we’ll discuss the details in depth. 


Now for the fun part! After the brainstorming session is complete, we begin the design process. You’ll be sent a concept design that best matches your vision and one that is suitable for your business goals and we workshop and refine it from that point.  


Once the design process is approved, the building portion of the project begins. After the website is fully developed, you’ll have the opportunity to view the website on a private server and test out your brand new website and make sure it meets/exceeds your expectations and fits your needs. 


The website has been tested, approved and transferred over to your personal hosting provider. Your brand new website is now viewable to the public and can be enjoyed by your visitors!  

Website Design Portfolio

Take a peek at our website design portfolio down below. These are some examples of work we’ve done in a variety of industries.

Dr. Tim Ridge

Therapy & Counseling

View Website

Gourmet Burger Bar

Food & Beverage

View Website

Kimela Kluthe, LMFT

Therapy & Counseling

View Website

Brainspotting STL

Brainspotting Therapy

View Website

Diamond Cosmetics


View Website

CBR Bakery

Bakery & Restaurant

View Website

Nocera Fitness

Personal Training

View Website

Fiore II


View Website

Home Repair

Repair & Contracting

View Website

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WEb Design FAQ

How much will a new Website cost?

We try to be as transparent as possible about cost. Our Web Design packages have a starting price point which may vary depending on your needs as far as how many pages your website needs or if any additional services such as copy, photography, graphic design, etc… are needed.

How long will it take to get my web site?

We aim to complete website projects in a manner of six to eight weeks but the speed to completion can be dependent on the client. Input, receiving feed back, website content are all factors that may affect the timeline of the project.

Do I have to be in CT to work with you?

No! We work with clients from different states. That’s the beauty of the internet – we can develop across state lines, develop commerce across state lines, and operate remotely for your convenience. Most communication is done through scheduled Zoom meetings and Email, so as to best prioritize both party’s time.

Will I be able to update my website on my own when it’s finished?

Yes, after the migration process, you will have full access to the back-end of your WordPress website. This means you will be able to make simple changes such as text edits, new products, photos and pricing. However, if you’d like to make more complex changes such as the layout of the website, we recommend having a professional assist you.
A 1-hour tutorial will be available to each client on how to navigate through their new website and how to make small changes.

Can you maintain the new Website for us?

Absolutely! Following the completion of your website, you may choose to sign up for one of our monthly maintenance package, or opt to have you or someone in your business do it in house.

What is photo-sourcing?

If photo-sourcing is required, we will help you find free to use stock images on websites such Unsplash or Pixabay.

Who writes the content for the website?

If writing and copy are just not your forte, we can help you shop up your content or write up original content at an additional cost. It’s important to communicate effectively with your audience though, so be sure to think this part through carefully.

Do I have a say in the design process?

Yes! Your input in the design process is crucial to the completion of your website and the execution and implementation of your vision.

Are product photos included in the Ecommerce package?

No, product photos are provided by the client. View our Photography page Here.