Get to Know Us


FourColor Agency is a Web Design and Digital Media Agency located in Hartford, CT. Our current service focuses are Web Design, Logo Design, and Product Photography, but we have myriad other resources and skillsets to dip into to augment our capabilities and provide stellar products and unparalleled service for our customers.

Our focus, as an American small business, is to rise to the top within our field by producing phenomenal work in a timely fashion for an honest price. We want to provide everyone who comes to us with the sense that your time and investments are valued, and that your brand is just as important to us as it is to you. In our industry, we share in the success of the companies and brands we assist; the better our services help you to perform, the more likely you are to refer us to your friends after all. We’re entering a new American era where American goods and services are being increasingly sought after, and while that is a beautiful thing, it’s also something that we need to come together as a community to develop and navigate so that we can all pursue our financial and professional excellence goals more effectively.

We thoroughly enjoy being the architects of tremendous digital content, and we put that passion into our work each and every day. Coming from a high visibility, high volume and demanding roll in social media management and advertising, our developed knowledge of the heuristics that drive internet trends are a veritable “finger on the pulse” of this industry. Our clients can rest assured in the knowledge that we are making their products from scratch, specifically to suit their brand, their vision and their goals, and that we take our reputation seriously and stake it on every piece of work we do.